Preparing for Life's End

We are your parish family, and we want to help you when you are facing a difficult time.

Health Care Decisions

A great gift that you can give your family is to clearly state and properly document your wishes regarding health care in the event that you become unable to make decisions yourself. Perhaps there are specific procedures that you do or do not want, or you would like to name a particular person to make decisions on your behalf. Whatever your wishes may be, it is important to discuss and document them. Without this, your family might face very painful decisions or conflicts.  Sr. Kathy Stuttgen, FSPA (608.788.5483 x5) is trained and certified to help you with the whole process. She can help you understand and sort out your choices, then properly and legally document them. She can also answer your questions about how the church views end-of-life issues. Sr. Kathy is just the kindest person you could ever hope to meet. She is both deeply spiritual and very pragmatic. She knows how to get to what is most important.

Visiting You in the Hospital or Hospice

When you or a loved one are in the hospital, please tell the Pastoral Care Department to call MMOC.  Because of federal laws on privacy in health care, the hospital will not notify MMOC unless you ask them to do so.  Our pastoral staff (Fr. Konopa, Sr. Kathy, and Therese van Oss) would like to visit you in the hospital if you wish, to bring you the sacraments and pray with you.

Anointing of the Sick

In an emergency, call our parish priest at 608.788.5483, ext. 7.

Prayer Chain

We are your parish family, and we will pray with you and your family. Send a Prayer Request or call the parish office whenever you need prayer, and our Prayer Chain will be with you. This is a network of parishioners who pray at daily Mass and in their homes on your behalf.

Meals for Families

When a family is dealing with a major illness or surgery, preparing healthy meals is sometimes a challenge. We have parishioners who would love to prepare and deliver a meal if you will just let us know your situation. Please call the parish office.

Updated 24 January 2017