Help and Resources for People in Grief

We all experience grief. When someone you loved has died, or death is approaching, or at the end of a marriage, grief can be a long, lonely process full of pain and questions.

You are not alone, and your parish family is eager to help you. Please call.

Sr. Kathy Stuttgen (608.788.5483 x5) and Therese van Oss are specially trained pastoral ministers who work with all sorts of families coping with all sorts of situations. We also have a lot of lay people in the parish who have been through hard times and are ready to help with listening, prayer, and other needs.

Prayer Chain

We are your parish family, and we will pray with you and your family. Send a Prayer Request or call the parish office whenever you need prayer, and our Prayer Chain will be with you. This is a network of parishioners who pray at daily Mass and in their homes on your behalf.

Support Groups

Many support groups are active in the La Crosse area, including some that are sponsored by the hospitals. Call Sr. Kathy for help selecting a group that will be a good fit for you. If you feel unsure about joining a support group, talk with Sr. Kathy about this.

Guides and Resources for Grieving

Grief can bring on a lot of doubts, worries, and questions, particularly for children. One thing that can help is to read wisdom from people who have experience with grief or other spiritual or healthful insight.

Sr. Kathy and Therese have a library of books, pamphlets, and other resources to help people in grief. To borrow any of these materials, call or visit the parish office. Sr. Kathy and Therese can help you select materials that will be most helpful for your particular situation.

Memorial Photographs are displayed each November.

Mass of Remembrance

Every year in early November, MMOC holds a special Mass of Remembrance to celebrate and pray for those have died. We invite families to bring in a photograph.  As a parish family, we remember and pray for these souls throughout the month.

Silver Circle Luncheons

Four times each year, our Silver Circle group gathers for a delicious pot-luck lunch, conversation, support, and bingo. Luncheons usually take place at 11:30 am on a Tuesday or Wednesday in February, May, August, and November. Watch for an announcement in the bulletin.

Widow and Widowers Luncheon

Updated 25 June 2022