If you look closely at the Catholic rite of Baptism, it parallels an ancient ritual of preparation for a funeral: Washing the body, anointing with scented oil, dressing, and lighting a candle. Of course, that parallel might seem a bit off or sour when you think about a precious, tender newborn infant being brought to church, perhaps for the first time. How to reconcile this paradox? We believe that Heaven is our true home, our truest reality, and that this present life on Earth is, though a great gift, a gift to be sacrificed or exchanged for something greater in the life eternal. For us, Baptism means that a person joins in the life, and in the death and resurrection, of Christ. As we loosen our grip on this life, we are welcomed home into eternal life with Christ.

For parents, Baptism is a big commitment. When you ask Baptism for your child, you are asking for your child to be welcomed into the loving embrace of your church family, and in return promising to raise and educate your child in the faith we share. Choose godparents who will help you keep your promise. And know that we, your parish family, stand ready to help you, too. "It takes a village."

If you would like to have your child baptized, please contact the parish office. We ask parents to attend baptismal preparation sessions. We try to schedule baptisms during weekend Masses so the parish family can celebrate with you and welcome your child. Please note that Baptisms are not ordinarily celebrated during the seasons of Advent and Lent.

If you are a youth or adult who has not been baptized, please contact the parish office.

Baptism Documents

When you contact the parish office about Baptism, we will send you the following documents:

Updated 14 June 2019