Building and Nourishing Adult Faith

If you were raised Catholic and would like to talk about anything, we'd like to talk with you. Whatever your experience, whatever doubts or questions or hurts you may have, please trust this: We are your brothers and sisters in Christ. We are here for you. We'll listen to you, talk with you, pray with you, and serve you. Please call.

If you are interested in becoming Catholic, or more fully Catholic, please call the parish office. We'll connect you with people who can answer your questions. We welcome new people into our faith and into our parish family through a process called the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). This involves conversations, prayer, and other preparation. We'll work with you all along the way. This is a warm, loving parish family, and you'll be warmly welcomed. The volunteer who coordinates RCIA is Camie Withrow.

A Discussion of CCO Groups

Our diocese hosts an annual conference in August for people involved in faith formation. (Anyone is welcome.) This year's conference, "Witness for Christ 2020", was online. One session was a discussion of the small faith-sharing groups known as Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO). Taking part in the panel discussion were Fr. Konopa, Lisa Doering, Sue Halter, Peter Schmitz, and Linda Schwartz. We are forming groups now for our third year of CCO; check the bulletin for details.

Lectio: Peter classes begin September 21

Do you ever think of yourself as ordinary? Do you wonder if you are worthy to be called to holiness? Do you question the church?

If so, then you are not alone. St. Peter was an ordinary man, very similar to us. He is a man that can teach us more about our church and about our calling from God. Dr. Tim Gray will help you to understand how God doesn't call the equipped. He equips the called.

Lectio: Peter is for everyone. No matter if you have little or great faith, Dr. Tim Gray will speak to you and help you grow in your faith as you learn more about our first pope, St. Peter. Through Lectio: Peter, you will learn more about the scriptures but also about the history of the church while also learning more about how God has a calling for you.

This fall we will join with two other parishes to bring you Lectio: Peter. Classes begin the week of Sept. 21 and will go through the week of Nov. 23. Choose the class that fits your schedule the best:

Cost for the program is $15. To register (form), contact one of the participating parish offices or contact Amy Capelli at 608-783-0847 or

Parish Study on Racism, Summer 2020

In November 2018, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops approved a new pastoral letter on racism, Open Wide Our Hearts: The Enduring Call to Love. In their letter, they invited all people of faith to “join us in striving for the end of racism in all its forms, that we may walk together humbly with God and with all of our brothers and sisters in a renewed unity.”

In light of recent events in our nation, sparked by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, are you feeling a desire to learn more about the effects of systemic racism in our nation or an urge to be part of a dialogue about racism grounded in the teachings of the Catholic Church? Come join us for a 5-part learning and discussion dialogue beginning Thursday, July 16th and continuing each Thursday until the final meeting in August. Meetings will begin at 6:00p in the parish hall and last for about an hour. All handouts will be provided (and available here). You may wish to bring a pen and paper.

The evenings will be led by Peter and Kellie Schmitz who have been members of MMOC since 2001. They have worked with a wide range of individuals in their educational careers, have attended many conferences and trainings about social justice, and continue on their journey of learning, sharing, and working towards equity for all.

Materials for Session #1

Session #1 took place at MMOC on Thursday, July 16.

Slide Show for Session #1   Slide show prepared by Kellie and Peter.
Intro and "What is Racism?"   Introduction and "What is Racism?" from Open Wide Our Hearts, the US bishops' 2018 pastoral letter on racism.
Guidelines for Sharing   Guidelines for contructive dialogue within the study group.
Baltimore Listening Session   Catholic Review coverage of an Archdiocese of Baltimore listening session on 29 April 2019.
Ohio Listening Session   Catholic Times coverage of a Diocese of Columbus listening session on 19 June 2019

Materials for Session #2

Session #2 took place on Thursday, July 23.

Slide Show for Session #2   Slide show prepared by Kellie and Peter.
Do Justice   Second excerpt from the bishops' letter on racism.
Racism and Criminal Justice   An exploration of the role of racism in our criminal justice system.
Racism and Economic Inequality   Examining the relationship between race and economic injustice.
Racism and Education   The role of racism in educational opportunities and attainment.
Racism and Employment   Disparities in employment opportunities and the role of racism.
Racism and Housing   Redlining, segregated housing, and other injustices tied to racism..
Systemic Racism   Despite signs of progress, there continue to be barriers and unequal opportunity for people of color.
Racism and Voting   A review of voting rights and efforts to inhibit voting by marginalized groups.

Materials for Session #3

Session #3 took place at MMOC on Thursday, July 30.

Slide Show for Session #3   Slide show prepared by Kellie and Peter.
Love Goodness   Third excerpt from the bishops' letter on racism.
Racism and Migration   Ethnicity as a basis for legal and social barriers to migration.
Asian and Pacific Island   Encountering Christ in Harmony is a USCCB "pastoral response to our Asian and Pacific Island brothers and sisters."
Native American Experience   Historical and current-day mistreatment of indigenous people.
Strangers No Longer: Together on the Journey of Hope   A Pastoral Letter Concerning Migration from the Catholic Bishops of Mexico and the United States
Links to further resources from USCCB   Resources on Native American Experiences
Resources on African American Experiences
Resources on Diverse Communities on the Move
Combating Racism
Racism Educational Resources

Materials for Session #4

Session #4 took place at MMOC on Thursday, August 6.

Slide Show for Session #4   Slide show prepared by Kellie and Peter.
Walk Humbly with God   Final excerpt from Open Wide Our Hearts, the US bishops' 2018 pastoral letter on racism.
Examination of Conscience on Racial Justice   A guide to assist in understanding our subconscious thinking and look at our actions in light of racism.
Links to other resources   The Franciscan Spirituality Center is hosting "Racism and the Coulee Region: A Community Dialogue Series" via Zoom.
A local group, the Waking Up White Collaborative, is reading that book and preparing for a symposium next year.
A guide titled Recommit to Racial Justice (PDF) is available for download from Network Advocates.
A project of the USCCB called We Are Salt and Light offers success stories that may inspire.

Updated 6 August 2020