The Pastoral Council and Finance Council are consultative bodies that assist our pastor in parish governance. Our "Building Our Future Together" project is guided by an appointed commission.

Parish Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council meets with our pastor to provide consultation and to aid in fostering pastoral action. Some members are elected to 3-year terms and others serve by virtue of their positions with various organizations.

Fr. Brian Konopa, President
Chuck Berendes, Chair (elected)
Rose Wegner, Recording Secretary
Lisa Doering (elected)
Kerry Groetsch (elected)
Sue Halter (elected)
Barb Hauke, PCCW
Chuck Neubauer, Men's Club
Peter Schmitz (elected)
Linda Schwartz (elected)
Dave Wagner, liaison to Finance Council

Finance Council

The Finance Council works with our pastor and staff to plan and manage parish budgets and other financial matters.  Members are appointed based on their financial or legal experience and serve indefinitely. The financial standing of the parish is published in an annual report, typically in August.

Fr. Brian Konopa, President
Dave Wagner, Chair
Chuck Berendes
Mike Juran, Recording Secretary
Shannon Klar
Dawn O'Brien, parish representative to the Aquinas Catholic Schools Finance Committee
Scott Pagenkopf
Tom "Tiny" Poellinger, Jr.
Rita Sanger
Brad Sturm

Updated 1 July 2022