Our Origin Story

The Ministry of Greeters at MMOC was born during the COVID-19 pandemic in May 2020. A ministry of welcome was something we'd wanted to launch, but the pandemic made it urgent. To return to public celebration of the Mass, we had to comply with a list of safety precautions set by the bishops of Wisconsin. We needed to recruit and train a new kind of parish volunteer: Someone willing to show up early, stay after Mass, and all to help our brothers and sisters in Christ feel welcome, safe, and comfortable returning to Mass. Happily, in those first days, over 70 people came forward. Their service has been amazing! Check out the video at right.

Our Service

When you come to Mass at MMOC, a Greeter offers a hearty welcome with an open door. Another hands you a worship aid. Others guide you to seating with safe distancing. At Communion time, Greeters take up the collection and usher people safely forward to receive Holy Communion. As the Mass concludes, Greeters ensure safe distancing as people exit and hand out bulletins.

Here's the behind-the-scenes part: Greeters gather in the parish hallway about 45 minutes before Mass for announcements and a prayer. After Mass, they sanitize all "touch surfaces" so that everything is clean and secure for the next Mass.

Join Us!

We welcome individuals and families into the Greeting ministry! It has been a joy to see our seniors working alongside young families. Children in middle school and up are learning servant leadership by making Greeting a family approach to ministry.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Greeter at MMOC, please call the parish office. Thank you!

The Greeters' Prayer

Though we cannot touch with hands, help us touch our parish family with a kind word, a warm welcome, and smiling eyes.
Please help us feel your peace, and share your peace, as we greet our brothers and sisters.
We are mindful of so many people who carry worry, who feel at risk, who bear burdens in this time. May they feel your love here.
Please touch the hearts of all your people so that they may trust we are doing our best to keep them safe here.
Please send your Spirit to strengthen caregivers, to inspire researchers, and to protect all who trust in you.
We ask this in your Most Holy name. Amen.

Greeter Checklists

Greeter Sign-In Sheet
Checklist for Sanitation Teams
Checklist for Lead Greeters

Updated 11 November 2020