Live Streaming

Our Origin Story

The Ministry of Live Streaming at MMOC was born during the COVID-19 pandemic in May 2020. We recognized that, when you can't come to church, it is important to see your own church, your brothers and sisters in Christ, and hear your own pastor's homily. Our aim is to keep our parish united, and reach out to others, by televising events at MMOC.

All of our streamed events are available on our YouTube channel. Click on "LIVE" to see our latest videos.

Our Service

We televise Masses, funerals, baptisms, weddings, and other events taking place in our church. (We do not have the means to stream events in the parish hall or choir loft.) A small crew of live-streamers do their best to cover all these events. Our Schedule

For families who would like to have an archival copy of video, we can provide this on a USB drive.

Join Us!

We welcome you to join our ministry of outreach. This ministry is most appropriate for people who have some technical savvy. To learn more about what is involved, please contact Joseph van Oss.

Our Patron Saint

In 1958, recognizing the potential of the new medium, Pope Pius XII designated St. Clare of Assisi as the patron saint of television on the basis that when she was too ill to attend Mass, she had reportedly been able to see and hear the Mass on the wall of her room.


We thank Dave Imhoff for documenting the technical steps of live-streaming, and Rick Wilson for arranging our broadcasts on KQEG (now discontinued). Thanks also to Fr. Brian Konopa for kind support and for being a good sport about being on TV so much.

Our AV system was provided and is supported by Audio Architects.

Updated 26 June 2022