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Mary, Mother of the Church is an active, prayerful, celebrating, Catholic community in La Crosse, Wisconsin. We invite you to visit our parish family. You are welcome here! Our Masses are at 4:00 Saturday, 8:00 and 10:00 Sunday. Come share in our parish prayer.

Upcoming Mass Schedule

Dec. 23, Saturday, 4th Sunday of Advent, 4:00p
Dec. 24, Sunday morning, 4th Sunday of Advent, 9:00a
Dec. 24, Sunday evening, Christmas Eve Masses, 4:00p (Vigil with Sunday Choir) and 6:30p (Midnight; incense)
Dec. 25, Monday, Christmas Day, 9:00a (Dawn with New Life Choir)
Dec. 30-31, Saturday-Sunday, Feast of the Holy Family, usual schedule (4:00p, 8:00a and 10:00a)
Jan. 1, Monday, Mary Mother of God, 9:00a (No obligation)

We are Building Our Future Together!

Construction of our new parish hall is ahead of schedule! News and photos are on the parish Blog and our Facebook page.

Recently Moved? New Email Address? New Cell Phone Number?

If you have recently moved, changed your phone number or email address, please let the parish office know. We try to keep the parish database as up to date as possible, but it is usually through returned mail and extra postage fees that we find out you have moved. On occasion we do like to send out a reminder email if we have a change of venue for Mass or for the Ministry Scheduling Program, and it is good to have an email address that you check often. More and more people are switching to cell phones in place of their land lines. If you no longer have a home number, please let us know so that we can take it off your listing. Thank you.

Keeping in Touch with the myParish App

There's a convenient new way to keep in touch with your faith and your parish family. Please take a moment to install MMOC's app on your phone or tablet. (Visit mmoc.mobi and touch iPhone or Android. The app is free.) You'll enjoy quick access to all these resources:

  • Never miss your parish bulletin!
  • Quick access to the official parish calendar
  • Pray the daily readings and access a library of traditional prayers
  • Watch video homilies by Fr. Konopa and Dn. Sage (CC)
  • Watch the Diocese of La Crosse's TV Mass or find a Catholic parish nearby
  • Give by phone (explained below) so your giving stays on your schedule
  • Enjoy weekly reflections by Dr. Scott Hahn and other meditations

MMOC on Facebook

To improve communication, we are transitioning to a new Facebook page. Please give the page a "like" and "follow" so you will be notified when there is news.

Online Giving

We now offer an option for people who prefer to make donations online, called Online Giving. Through this system you can give to support the parish (called Offertory) and/or to our Building Fund. If you have used online bill-paying, you'll find online giving very familiar. The system is operated by Our Sunday Visitor, a trusted name in Catholic publishing for over a century. Do you prefer to manage your money through your phone? For quick access to Online Giving, visit mmoc.mobi and download our myParish app. For any questions about Online Giving, please contact our financial assistant, Holly Gerling.

Please Let Us Know When Someone is in the Hospital

When you or someone you love is in the hospital, we'd like to visit you, pray with you, and bring you the sacraments. However, due to ever tighter regulations at our area hospitals, they will no longer inform us when one of our parish family is in the hospital. Please have someone call us at 788-5483, ext. 2. Thank you.

Homily Videos are Captioned

Video recordings of homilies at MMOC are now available; click "Homilies" near the top of this page. You can also get the videos on your phone via our app. The videos are closed-captioned (CC) for our sisters and brothers in Christ who have a hearing impairment.

Diocese of La Crosse Guidelines for Reporting Instances of Child Abuse

The Diocese of La Crosse, through its policies and procedures, seeks to provide a prompt, appropriate and compassionate response to reporters of sexual abuse of a child by any diocesan agent (employee, volunteers, vendors, religious or clergy). Anyone wishing to make a report of an allegation of sexual abuse should send that report to the Most Reverend William Patrick Callahan, bishop of La Crosse, at the Diocese of La Crosse, P.O. Box 4004, La Crosse, WI 54602-4004. Alternatively, you can contact Mrs. Karen Becker, Victim Assistance Ministry, at 608-519- 8002. The reporting form is available through the Diocese of La Crosse Office of the Vicar for Clergy or on the diocesan website at  diolc.org. Individuals are also encouraged to take their reports directly to civil authorities. Copies of the diocesan policy are available through your local parish and on the diocesan website. If you have any questions about the Diocese of La Crosse and the implementation of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, please contact Monsignor David Kunz, Vicar for Clergy, Diocese of La Crosse, at 608-791-2679 or dkunz@diolc.org.



Thu Dec 14:  Monthly Mass Social - Please join us after 7:30a Mass for coffee, conversation, and fellowship.

Mon Dec 18:  Sacrament of Confession available 9:00a to 6:00p at the Cathedral.

Tue Dec 19:  New Life Choir practice 9:00a.

Wed Dec 20:  Christmas Recital and Pageant 6:00p in Holy Triniity Church. Contact Rebecca Schumacher if you'd like to participate (holytrinityreled@charter.net or 782-2028).

Tue Dec 26:  The parish office is closed. Sunday Choir does not practice.

Fri Dec 29:  The parish office is closed.

Tue Jan 2, 2018:  Sunday Choir does not practice.

Wed Jan 3:  Catechists' Retreat and Dinner 5:30p at Holy Trinity.
● Men's Club and PCCW meetings at 6:00p followed by a joint social in the Rectory.

Sun-Mon Jan 7-8:  Baptismal Prep class 9:00a Sunday and 6:00p Monday.

Tue Jan 9, 2018:  Sunday Choir practice resumes.

Wed Jan 10, 2018:  Religious Education classes resume.

Sat Mar 3, 2018:  The Diocese of La Crosse observes is sesquicentennial, the 150th anniversary of its founding by Pope Pius IX, who appointed Fr. Michael Heiss as the first bishop of La Crosse.

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Mary, Mother of the Church is a Catholic parish family located in La Crosse, Wisconsin.