Scrip Program        Order Form (PDF)

Scrip gives families an edge

Scrip is a rebate on the purchases we all make: Food, gas, and other everyday needs. Here is how it works:  You buy gift cards at face value and use them in the usual way. MMOC buys those cards from local merchants in volume and at a discount. MMOC pays below face value, and the rest is profit.

For example, when you buy a $100 Kwik Trip gift card, you pay $100 and you get $100 worth of gasoline. From your $100, your parish pays $95 to Kwik Trip and $5 is Scrip profit.

If you donate that $5 Scrip profit to MMOC, that is just exactly like putting a $5 bill in the collection basket. You didn't have to come up with that $5; in effect, it's a donation made by Kwik Trip because of you! If you know you're going to shop there anyway, so why not take advantage of that $5 rebate?

What happens to Scrip profits?

You can direct the profit from your Scrip purchase to apply as follows:

Carry Over: You can direct 100% of the profit from your Scrip purchases to apply to your MMOC Religious Education tuition. Each month your Scrip rebate will be applied to your tuition account. Once your current tuition has been paid through the Scrip Program, you may apply it towards a one-year advance on next year's tuition. After this future year has been fully paid, we ask that you donate to MMOC Parish or to our Building Fund.

How to Purchase Scrip

Scrip Order Form (PDF)

You can purchase Scrip in the Mother's Room before or after weekend Masses. On Fridays, you can stop into the Parish Office and purchase Scrip from 8:30a to 3:00p.

You can pay for your Scrip by cash or check.  We are unable to process debit or credit cards because bank fees erase the profit margin on Scrip.

Buy Scrip On Line!

Now you can special-order Scrip online from any of the hundreds of vendors offered by the Great Lakes Scrip company!

Why use Scrip? 

Myth: Scrip is only for people with kids in Catholic school.   Busted: Scrip is for everyone!

Updated 15 June 2022